Touring stand up paddleboards are our most popular best selling category. It allows the user to explore lakes, oceans, and bays while bringing extras like coolers, fishing gear, and even the dog. The displacement hull (V shaped nose) allows these boards to track straighter, go faster, and glide with less effort. 

The decks feature attached bungee systems for efficient, secure storage. A longer more spacious deck allows for extra gear on day trips and those awesome camping overnights with friends. 

Call 802-258-0282 or email us if you would like to talk with a paddle board pro for answers on touring boards and/or SUP camping.

Riviera Paddlesurf Voyager Classic 12'6
Riviera Paddlesurf Voyager 11'6
Riviera Paddlesurf Voyager 12'6
ECS Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard Package 12'6
ECS Barra 11'4
riviera paddlesurf 12'6