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Do you want to get better and have more fun skiing, stand up paddleboarding, or using kettle bells? Send us your videos of your sport, with a front view and a side view of the action. We will evaluate your technique and help create a plan for movement improvement. With our expert advice you will improve dramatically and gain confidence!

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The best athletes and competitors have coaches working with them constantly on fundamentals. Now you can receive free coaching from anywhere in the world, be it on the hill, in the water, or in your living room.

Fill out and submit the student profile and assessment survey below and one of our coaches will get you started on the road to improvement! 

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- Kettle bell training, like any weight training can cause serious injury and even death if executed incorrectly or unsafely. If you are considering working with kettle bells, we always recommend in person training with a StrongFirst or RKC/HKC certified coach in your area. For help finding the right coach you can always call Jonathan at 802-258-0282.



Jonathan Bischof - SUP (Stand Up Paddle), Ski, Fitness

Vermont Ski and Sport owner and head coach Jonathan Bischof has been coaching and training athletes for over 35 years. Jonathan's coaching resume and certifications include:
• 30+ years as Owner and Head Windsurf and SUP Coach at New England Sailboard Co.
• 30+ years Coaching Skiing at Stratton Mountain, Vermont
• RKC - Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification. Leader in proper kettlebell form and strength training.
• NSCA - National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). A nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the strength and conditioning profession around the world.
• FMS - Functional Movement Systems Level Two: Advanced Correctives. A functional movement screening is used to assess movement patterns to identify limitations or asymmetries and provide action plans for correction.
• WPA - World Paddle Association Certified Instructor. The WPA's goal is to provide a global standard for competitive SUP events and training.

John Laserte - Ski, Bike, SUP

Karen Dalury - Yoga, Tele, SUP

Jamie Bischof - Freestyle/Race Ski, Bike, SUP/SURF

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