From time to time we will offer pre orders on various products. When a product is labeled "Pre Order" in the title, the following process will be enabled with purchase.

1.) Your credit card will be immediately "authorized" but not "charged" for the full purchase amount. 
2.) 50% of the total purchase price will be charged through as a non-refundable deposit.
3.) Upon delivery of the "Pre-Ordered" product to our WAREHOUSE, you will be notified, and charged the remaining 50% of the total purchase price.
4.) Depending on delivery method, any of the following may take place;

  1. We will immediately ship your new item
  2. We will hold the item until the agreed upon delivery time/location
  3. You will pick up your new item, at our warehouse, at your convenience.

For any questions or concerns regarding pre-orders please reach out by phone (802)258-0282 or by email. Thank you!