Improving in ski, sup, and the BIG 3 kettle bell techniques (hip hinge, deadlift, KB Swing) requires great coaching. You can always become a more skilled athlete with proper instruction and discipline. Unfortunately it's not always accessible or convenient to find a good teacher. Now you can access our unique coaching platform for free from anywhere in the world, be it on the hill, in the water, or the comfort of your living room.


Fill out your student profile and assessment survey and be sure to briefly explain the goals for your free coaching evaluation. Then upload your ski, sup, or kettle bell video clips and our coaches will begin their review. 

We will need two video perspectives, one from the front and most important, one from the side. Please make your clips at least 30 second long, but no longer than 60 seconds. Choose an environment that really shows us your technique. What this means is flat water for paddleboarding, easy gradual terrain for skiing, and manageable weights for kettle bell work.


An effective teacher supports the student with improvements that are technically sound and easily attainable. Our speciality is movement analysis and our eye is unequaled when it comes to improving athletes. At Vermont Ski and Sport we specialize in seeking ways to develop superior technique. We utilize sound science, technology, and fundamentals as the building blocks for your success.


After reviewing your footage, we'll define areas for improvement and the needed skills/techniques to achieve said improvement. Our system includes a free brief email review and then a free phone call review to discuss the plan and answer questions. This two layer review system has proven it's effectiveness with hundreds of Vermont Ski and Sport Alumni.


Once you understand and execute your personalized action plan, we recommend sending in another video 30-60 days after your initial review, for a second (that's right, second) FREE progress review. 


We want to empower students to excel in their ski, sup, and kettle bell practice. Through our unique free learning platform we welcome you to join us on an educational partnership that fosters student excellence.