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Train With Us

vermont ski and sport training

Online or In Person

Vermont Ski and Sport’s roots remain in the sports coaching world. From coaching team soccer and tennis, to 35+ years of teaching skiing, Chief Learning Officer (CLO) and Head Coach Jonathan Bischof has always had a passion for both sharing and seeking sports & fitness knowledge.

With our Train With Us program, you can harness the over 40 years of education that our team has amassed for sports & activities such as stand up paddle (SUP) boarding, alpine skiing, kettlebells & functional movement, and more to be added in the future.

We embrace all skill levels;

  • Beginner
  • Advanced Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced Intermediate
  • Expert

If you have a smartphone or video camera and an internet connection, you can take advantage of our online video coaching option. Send us a video and our coaches will offer a complete skills evaluation. Prefer to go with in-person coaching? Our team of athletes around the country is ready at a moments notice to meet you for a training session.

Whether you’re looking to improve your SUP technique, learn to ski the glades, or discover the 10 minute fat zap kettlebell workout, our team is ready and willing to help you reach your goals at your place or ours. Give us a call at +1-802-258-0282 and let’s get the conversation started. You can also learn more about our specific offerings below, and feel free to send us an email to find out more. And always remember, Our Gear Gets You There®.

Online Personal Coaching

Our online personal coaching packages are only $39.99. Personal video coaching can be accomplished from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD in two ways;

  1. Send us a 30-60 second video and receive a detailed response video and follow up phone call,
  2. Alternatively, a profile and assessment can take place via Facetime®, Skype®, or any other video messaging service you prefer. 

 Included with every session for only $39.99;

  • Professional analysis of your technique
  • 3 levels of review; written, phone, and one post review check-in
  • Accountability, motivation, and a new focus to improve and reach your goals
  • Bonus equipment analysis to ensure your gear is optimal for your height, weight, style, and technique level.

jonathan bischof paddle board coach

Head coach Jonathan Bischof is constantly striving to improve his own technique, so that he can share the secrets of speed, stroke, and balance. You too can improve your technique and have fun with the exciting sport of stand up paddle boarding.
Train SUP With Us


Vermont Ski and Sport was founded on a passion for skiing. We've come a long way since selling 8 pairs of skis out of the Saab pre 1980. During that time we've coached, competed, traveled, and skied some of the sickest terrain around the world. We would love to share our experience and love for skiing with you.
Train SKI With Us


Kettlebells are a truly unique and gratifying way to get in shape. With as little as 10 minutes a day, you can get your weight training, cardio, and core workout all-in-one. Melt fat, build muscle, and feel awesome. We hold cert's from NSCA, FMS, RKC, and more so you can rest assured, we've done the research so you can reap the rewards.

In-Person Coaching

If you prefer 1-on-1 pesonal coaching, we offer several options to fit your needs. First, you can come train with us at one of our home bases which include Jamaica, VT, Salt Lake City, UT, and Cape Cod, MA. We offer stand up paddle (SUP) boarding, skiing, and kettlebell & functional movement training at these locations. Alternatively, we can come to you and train at your home base. Pricing for this is dependent on location and individual needs. We’d love to hear from you and plan a coaching session so just give us a call at +1-802-258-0282 or send us an email to get started.


Our 1-on-1 training for stand up paddle boarding is unique in the way we use two way waterproof radio communication. This enables your coach and you to make corrections and improvement instantly while on your board. Imagine no more yelling from your instructor or forgetting technique advice because you had to stop and talk! This technology breakthrough is a game changer. Combine this with on water video and you will agree this is the most efficient and easiest way to improve.


Most of our ski training is done indoors where we have developed a unique program to teach skiing. We focus on fundamentals whether you’re a beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate, or advanced skier. It’s our experience that learning indoors allows for a safe and comfortable environment. This accelerates the development process towards grasping Athletic Stance, the holy grail of skiing.

Advanced ski technique sessions are available anywhere in the world on snow tailored to your specific goals and needs.


We specialize in the following core kettlebell skills; two hand swings, one hand swings, goblet squat, deadlift, farmers walk, and bottoms up carries.

Kettlebells are an efficient way to get in shape and we feel they offer the greatest body benefit in the shortest time period.