2018 NSP Puma Pro Carbon 14' Race Stand Up Paddleboard


What do you call an all around race board that is extremely versatile and fast? We say PUMA. The all new design for 2018 of the NSP Puma Race updates the board to be stable and smooth gliding in all water conditions. The 14' is the bigger, faster sibling to the acclaimed 12'6" model.

2018 nsp puma race 14'

The flat deck and bulbous nose create a super comfortable ride whether your doing ins and outs off the beach or dusting the competition on your favorite lake. The design profile handles bumps, chop, boat wash and other external elements to give it a smooth ride in all conditions. Our testers rave about its ability to crank out pivot turns and respond to a paddlers input instantly!

nsp puma info

14' 23.5" 264L Pro Carbon
14' 26" 293L Pro Carbon
14' 28" 316L Carbon


2018 nsp pro carbon construction

2018 nsp carbon construction

If you need technical advice on the proper SUP race board, give our race equipment gurus a call at (802)258-0282 or email us and we'd be happy to share our knowledge.




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