Dynastar Legend X84 Konect NX System Ski 2020

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The 2020 Dynastar Legend X84 boasts a lot of similarities to it’s wider sibling, the X88. Offering the same All Terrain platform for adventurous skiers, but exceling slightly on the groomed and icy runs. The X84 features PowerDrive Technology to power through turns in a resilient and snappy manner. Our testing had the X84 excel in slalom type turns and in woods and bumps. Luckily it features just enough rocker to allow a forward and aggressive stance in most snow conditions. Ships with a Konect NX 12 Binding System.

123-84-106 mm 17m Konect NX 12 Dual System


dynastar legend x84 konect spx sytem ski 2020 side view


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