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NSP Ninja Pro Carbon 14' Stand Up Paddleboard 2020

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The 2020 NSP Ninja has been released and it's already turning heads. Designed by NSP savant Alain Teurquetil, the complete change sought to make a board that is blistering fast in glassy waters, and yet versatile at the same time. The bow geometry is an area of significant change compared to the previous years model. The glide and feel in non-textured waters will astound you!

If any of you saw Titouan Puyo competing in Osaka, Japan he was paddling on the new NSP NINJA 2020 model. Even when Puyo uncharacteristically fell in and lost valuable position, he was able to get back on his board and place second behind Michael Booth, a testament to how fast the 2020 Ninja truly is.

We are very pleased to have this new model as an offering for our discerning flat water water clients that demand excellence in these conditions. The dugout design of the NINJA allows for a more stable and efficient paddle experience because you’re only 1 inch off the water. The higher sidewall offers a cozy feel and makes for a handy place to store gear you might take with you.

If you need technical advice on the proper SUP race board, give our race equipment gurus a Call, Text, or Email and we'd be happy to share our knowledge.

For performance paddlers that are looking for a paddleboard that give you miles and miles of gliding fun on Lake Anywhere, USA this is a super choice. Its comfort and ease of paddling will ensure your day on the water is filled with fun and certainly make for a happy day on the water.

DIMENSIONS: 14' x 22" or 14' x 24"
VOLUME: 250.6L @ 22" and 266.5L @ 24"


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