2018 NSP Sonic Pro Carbon 12'6" Race Stand Up Paddleboard - Pre Order

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The 2018 NSP Sonic 12'6" race paddleboard represents the future of sup shapes and the future is here and now! From the dugout lowered deck standing area, self draining cockpit (4 scupper holes), and its unique hull shape (extra reserve buoyancy) it’s clearly innovative in its design and looks. The dugout standing area makes it easier for the paddler to balance, maneuver, recover, and go fast.

The 12'6" length is the choice for many men and women in the technical class of stand up paddleboard racing. The impeccable construction and quality of materials of the NSP brand is renowned. The Sonic is your investment for enjoyment, performance, and years of quality ownership.

    LENGTH WIDTH Construction
    12'6" 24.5" Pro Carbon

    pro carbon construction


    Pro Carbon Tech Specs

    • 100% Carbon deck and bottom
    • 100% Carbon double wrapped rails
    • 100% Carbon Innegra tail reinforcement
    • PVC reinforced fin box
    • Gortex Valves
    • Matte race finish
    • Thermoform EVA pads (4mil)
    • Trim Guide in paddling zone
    • Inserts for GPS, GoPro, trip computer
    • Light weight race handles


    If you need technical advice on the proper SUP race board, give our race equipment gurus a call at (802)258-0282 or email us and we'd be happy to share our knowledge.



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