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In Store Pickup Available 6am-10pm // 7 days a week
In Store Pickup Available 6am-10pm // 7 days a week

QuickBlade UV All Carbon Stand Up Paddle Board Paddle

Color: Carbon Black

Meet the Quickblade UV All Carbon. The UV is not only the lightest and strongest paddle from Quickblade, it's also the most powerful.

BLADE SIZE: 77", 82", and 88"

Sheila Sirvant paddle boarder
Paddle Boarder Sheila Sirvant

What The Pros Are Saying

"You grab this paddle and you're like: Woah, this is a whole different feel." - Dave Kalama ⁣⁣⁣⁣

"The power of the scoop allows the U-V to paddle like a smaller blade." - Jim Terrell

"My new favourite paddle." - Sup Racer

The signature of this model is more power with less effort! Featuring an entirely new blade shape, aimed at stronger catch but with less surface area. The all new "Black Diamond Elite" shaft allows Quickblades' lightest and strongest carbon paddle to date.

titouan puyo paddle boarder
Paddle Boarder Titouan Puyo