Riviera Paddlesurf 12'6" Voyager Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard 2016

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The 12’6’ Voyager Inflatable stand up paddleboard from Riviera Paddlesurf sets a new standard for inflatable boards. This is the #1 choice for a board that needs to be stowed in a boat, packed in a car, or checked on a plane. The included backpack allows for easy hiking to previously inaccessible paddle zones.

The Voyager inflatable shares a similar shape to its cousin, the Voyager 12'6" Classic. The shared hydrodynamic hull shape allow the boards to track straight and glide smooth. It's steady, stable, and redefines what sup cruising is all about. The board includes bungee tie downs at the front and back to secure any type of gear for your water ISUP adventure.

The 12'6" Voyager inflatable also includes 3 strategically places handles at the front, back, and center of the board for easy transportation once inflated.

This inflatable stand up paddleboard package includes: 12'6" inflatable paddleboard, pump, backpack, fin w/ US fin box, and a patch/repair kit.


riviera paddlesurf 12'6" inflatable construction

12'6" 32" 6" 1


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