Riviera Paddlesurf El Tigre Wide Surf Stand Up Paddleboard 2017

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SUP Surfing is quickly gaining popularity. There are many benefits of stand up paddle surfing including ability to get up to speed easier using the paddler, ability to surf smaller waves, and more control by using your paddle as a rudder.

Again Riviera Paddlesurf is at the top of the game with El Tigre series of stand up paddle surf boards. All of the board designers at Riviera are established and accomplished stand up paddle surfers and know exactly what it takes to create a high end board.

The El Tigre is not recommended for paddlers looking for a board for tours, or all around riding. The El Tigre will perform best when used solely as a stand up paddle surf board.

7'2" 28" 92 Liters
7'8" 30" 106 Liters
8'2" 31" 119 Liters
8'8" 32" 135 Liters
9'8" 33" 168 Liters


If you need advice on the right SUP Surf board or the best size, give us a call at (802)258-0282 or email us and we'd be happy to share our knowledge.

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