Rossignol Soul 7 - 164cm

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Freeride United. 7-Series is all about convergence. All kinds of disciplines, all kinds of turns and all kinds of emotions in a single ski, whether for freeriding, backcountry, big mountain or freeride touring. Lightweight, stable and fun, 7-Series skis climb and descend with the same virtuosity. The innovative Air Tip has been designed to make the skis among the lightest on the market. Feeling replaces technique. This ski is instinctive, lively and ultra-manoeuvrable. On hard snow, it delivers agility, grip and reassurance. The 7-Series puts intuition in the driving seat.

The main technologies of the 7-SERIES range are:


A patented technology exclusive to Rossignol! The tip is lled with air for maximum lightness and built to retain excellent torsional rigidity. The ski’s weight is redistributed, freeing the tip and tail of the ski and providing greater ease, safety and versatility. The centre of gravity is closer to the centre of the ski, concentrating power under the skier’s feet. THE ROCKER REVOLUTION IS HERE!!!


A pro le with a 50% underfoot camber and a 50% rocker at the tip and tail. The slight underfoot camber gives the skis improved grip on packed snow. The tip rocker makes its presence felt, giving better otation in powder snow and paving the way for new experiences without tiring the skier. The tail rocker gives better steering and control.


The perfect link between the paulownia core and the Air Tip. VAS technology ensures superior comfort when switching from one snow type to another by minimising vibrations. VAS technology makes the ski easier to control, more stable and therefore more accessible. VAS also gives a smoother, more comfortable snow feel for even greater pleasure.


136-106-126 mm 17m Look Pivot 12+

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