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In Store Pickup Available 6am-10pm // 7 days a week
In Store Pickup Available 6am-10pm // 7 days a week

Starboard All Star 14' Stand Up Paddle Board 2021


Introducing the 2021 Starboard All Star 14'. Offering a completely new board design this year, the All Star has gone to Dug Out. The dugout platform is an awesome choice for paddlers looking for speed, stability, and a unique on water feel that puts you closer to the water than ever! Offered in several widths in either Wood Carbon or the premium 100% Carbon Sandwich constructions.

The 2021 boards are designed by Starboard in house by Svein Rasmussen and Starboard's team of world class professional paddlers including Michael Booth, Sonni Hoenscheid, Connor Baxter, Fiona Wylde, and more. Aside from the big switch to a dugout design, the 2021 Starboard Allstar features more efficient drainage, smoother nose rocker for faster water entry, lighter and stronger construction, and a boxier side rail profile adding to the overall stability of the board.

starboard all star 14 2021 side view

14'x28" 8.5" 331L CS=13.2kg // WC=14.4kg 80-110kg SINGLE
14'x26" 10.3" 340L CS=13.0kg // WC=14.5kg 70-105kg SINGLE
14'x24.5" 10.3" 320L CS=12.5kg // WC=13.6kg 60-90kg SINGLE
14'x23" 10.4" 299L CS=12.3kg 50-80kg SINGLE
14'x22.5" 10.8" 289L CS=11.8kg 40-65kg SINGLE

At Vermont Ski and Sport, we've been paddling dugout style paddle boards for years and are fully supportive of the All Star's switch. If you'd like advise on which board you'll love, feel free to call, text, email, or chat with us.

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