Starboard All Star AIRLINE Deluxe Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 2020


Introducing the 2020 Starboard All Star Inflatable Airline Series. This all new design is not only the fastest, but by far the stiffest inflatable ride we've ever seen. This is the first board that we have seen to combine the unbelievable convenience of an inflatable, with the ride, glide, and torsional rigidity of a traditional stand up paddleboard.

The proof is in the new AIRLINE cable system. Featuring 4 different settings allowing for the exact tension and stiffness for your application.

All boards come standard with a FCS performance fin that enables better tracking, speed, and control. Svein Rasmussen the owner and designer of Starboard Paddleboards knocked it out of the park with this shape and technology. When it comes to convenience, versatility and glide the Allstar Airline is the benchmark for inflatable performance and race stand up paddleboards.

If you need technical advice on the proper SUP race board, give our race equipment gurus a Call, Text, or Email and we'd be happy to share our knowledge.

12'6" 27" 6" ~10kg 299L
14' 24" 6" ~10.4kg 301L
14' 26" 6" ~11.5kg 320L
14' 28" 6" ~11.6kg 345L

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