Starboard Sprint 12'6" Stand Up Paddle Board 2019

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Time and time again, Starboard’s are crossing the finish line first. That is largely due to boards like the 2019 Sprint 12’6”. The Sprint is THE FASTEST board in the Starboard lineup. Geared towards flat water or chop, The Sprint affords instant acceleration along with blazing fast top speed.

For 2019 the Sprint is even faster and more maneuverable. A raised rail profile allows for razor like control in chop, with an even more pronounced explosive pop in flat water. With dugout rails and a bulbous nose, this board puts you closer to the water then ever before creating a unity that almost feels as if you are running on water.

The Sprint 12’6” is available in Starboard’s fastest and lightest board construction technology, Carbon Sandwich.

23" Carbon Sandwich 11.39kg 10" 234L Natural Winner
Starboard Sprint Race 12'6" bow sideStarboard Sprint Race 12'6" box undersideStarboard Sprint Race 12'6" side view
Starboard All Star Race 12'6" carbon sandwich constructionStarboard All Star Race 12'6" hybrid carbon construction


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