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In Store Pickup Available 6am-10pm // 7 days a week
In Store Pickup Available 6am-10pm // 7 days a week

Starboard Sprint 14' Stand Up Paddle Board 2021

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We challenge you to find a board faster then the 2021 Starboard Sprint 14’. There is a reason athletes like Michael Booth, Fionna Wylde, and Connor Baxter are consistently at the front of the pack while paddling these boards. At home in flat water or chop, the Sprint is widely regarded as one of the FASTEST boards on water.

For 2021 the Sprint is even faster and more maneuverable. A raised rail profile allows for razor like control in chop, with an even more pronounced explosive pop in flat water. With dugout rails and a bulbous nose, this board puts you closer to the water then ever before creating a unity that almost feels as if you are running on water. The Sprint 14’ is available in Starboard’s fastest and lightest board construction technology, Carbon Sandwich.

14'x25" 11.1" 349L CS=13.3kg // WC=14.8kg 70-105kg SINGLE
14'x23.5" 11.8" 354L CS=13.3kg // WC=14.8kg 70-100kg SINGLE
14'x21.5" 12.2" 332L CS=12.6kg // WC=13.2kg 50-90kg SINGLE
14'x19.75" 11.9" 295L CS=11.8kg 50-80kg SINGLE

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