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In Store Pickup Available 6am-10pm // 7 days a week
In Store Pickup Available 6am-10pm // 7 days a week

Starboard Sprint 14' Stand Up Paddle Board 2022

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Welcome to the future of performance stand up paddle boarding. The 2022 Starboard Sprint offers a full redesign resulting in a faster, more stable, more controllable dugout board. The proof is in the pudding and in this case, the pudding is the fact that the Starboard Sprint has won more SUP races in the last 3+ years than any other brand in the industry. To give credit where credit is due, this is also largely due to the incredible Starboard Athlete Team including Fiona Wylde, Sonni Honscheid, Connor Baxter, and Michael Booth, who help design and refine the boards they use to win the biggest races in the world.


  • (NEW) Low Apex Round Hull Design +Speed, +Efficiency
  • (NEW) Narrower Nose Outline +Control, +Acceleration, +Glide per Stroke
  • (NEW) Added Width to Standing Area and Tail +Stability, +Buoy Turns
  • (NEW) Includes 4 x Scupper Drain Covers +Water Management

The all new 2022 Sprint starts with a narrower nose profile which results in massively increased acceleration combined with improved glide distance per stroke. The narrower nose also provides enhanced board response through improved steering and tracking. The Sprint is labeled as a ‘flat water machine’ but the truth is, we’ve seen amazing performance in knee high chop, cross chop, side chop, and all sorts of textured water conditions.

2022 starboard sprint outline difference

The board profile widens at the standing area, which extends to the rear of the boat, offering improved stability while centered or performing a buoy turn. Side rails have been reshaped and angled inwards creating a low apex for float and buoyancy. This also aids in managing water dispersement and prevent water resistance. The overall shape of the new 2022 Starboard Sprint offers a lower volume water line which offers reduced friction for faster and longer lasting glide.

Pre orders will be delivered throughout 2021 and 2022. It is highly advised that you pre-order your 2022 Starboard to reserve yours as stock will be limited. Get in touch today to discuss pre-order options. 


  • 4 x Scupper Drain Covers
  • 2 x Comfort Groove Race Handles
  • 1 x Race Ultra Arma Core Fin
  • Screws and Hardware
starboard sprint 2022

14' x 25.5" 10.8" 18.4" 300 L Up to 110kg Race Ultra
14' x 23" 10.7" 16.4" 270 L Up to 90kg Race Ultra
14' x 20.75" 12" 15.2" 252 L Up to 80kg Race Ultra

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Fiona wylde starboard sprint 2022
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