Video Sports Coaching for SUP, SKIING, and KETTLEBELLS


Vermont Ski and Sport's video coaching analysis is your gateway to improve and have more fun. We offer professional movement and technique evaluation for SUP, SKIING, and KETTLEBELLS*. Now anywhere in the world where you can access the internet and a video camera, you can receive top level coaching.

video ski and paddle board coaching

Having a professional coach giving qualified technical analysis will always lead to bigger gains in less time. 

Our high success rate analysis will be performed by resident coach Jonathan Bischof. A 40+ year professional of the sports and fitness coaching world.


  • For SUP, 20 strokes paddling on each side, from the FRONT and SIDE view
  • For SKIING 20+ turns from the FRONT and SIDE view.
  • For KETTLEBELLS*, choose ONE skill from the BIG 4 you'd like to improve upon and send the corresponding reps on video: 
    • For Swings - 5 total swings
    • For Deadlifts - 5 total deadlifts
    • For Goblet Squats - 5 total goblet squats
    • For Turkish Get-ups (TGUs) - 1 TGU on each side
  • The objective is to clearly show us your moves in these videos so we can fully analyze your performance!


  • Written evaluation of your SUP, SKI, or KETTLEBELL video
  • Follow-Up phone call debrief with your own personal coach

    Jonathan's coaching has led many an athlete to prodigious improvements. With other services, you would expect to pay 10x-20x more than our one time price of $39.99. 

    After you complete your payment, email your video or dropbox link to

    outfitted by oneil sports

    * Kettlebell training, like any weight training can cause serious injury and even death if executed incorrectly or unsafely. If you are considering working with kettlebells, we always recommend in-person training with a StrongFirst or RKC/HKC certified coach in your area. For help finding the right coach you can always call Jonathan at 802-258-0282.

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