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Affordable 10'6" Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board Package - Review

Affordable 10'6" Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board Package - Review

It was a fun time getting out of the Vermont Ski and Sport Warehouse in Jamaica, Vermont. Jonathan and I were psyched to try out the new 2015 10'6" stand up paddle board package, which is awesome and affordable at only $599.00. We got out on the water, and put the board through the wringer to truly test what it was capable of.

We tested on the water in Bondville, Vermont at the Stratton Mountain Resort Snow Making Pond.

Jonathan and I were so impressed how well this board handled, and how much fun it was to paddle. We have tried the top of the line boards from many top brands including Riviera Paddle Surf, Amundson Design, and Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUPs. So needless to say, we were a little skeptical of this softer, lighter, more affordably priced board. Boy were we wrong.

This 10'6" SUP board has smooth glide and tracked effortlessly. Turning was easier and more efficient than some of the higher priced models we have tried. The soft top is great when kneeling, and maintains a grippy texture when wet. Kids and parents alike will love this board for exploring beaches and coves, along with rivers, lakes, and ponds.

A recurring issue with affordable boards is that they tend to be heavy. Typically made from a combination of materials similar to a kayak, cheap boards tend to weigh in the area of 50 lbs. This board comes in just under 27 lbs, which makes it a delight to carry to and from the water, and lift on and off of the car roof rack.

All in all, this board is a great choice for paddlers looking for an affordable, great ride. My friends, my dog Sophie, and I will truly enjoy getting out on the water and having loads of fun on this SUP board this summer and well into the fall.

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