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In Store Pickup Available 6am-10pm // 7 days a week
In Store Pickup Available 6am-10pm // 7 days a week

SUP Movement Analysis



  • ONE 30-60 Minute Video Movement Analysis Session
  • UP TO THREE Phone, text, or email skills follow ups


  • UP TO FOUR 30-60 minute Video Movement Analysis sessions w/ weekly skills follow up
  • UNLIMITED email and text questions, comments, and SUP chat.
  • The most efficient and reliable way to improve your skills to a new degree

Jonathan Bischof is the owner and Chief Learning Officer at Vermont Ski and Sport. Jonathan founded New England Sailboard in the 1980s, spearheading the first Windsurfing movement in New England by coaching hundreds of athletes up and down the eastern seaboard.

In the meantime, Jonathan continued coaching Tennis and Skiing at Stratton Mountain Resort for a number of years. Anybody who has ever received coaching from Jonathan will agree that his methods will result in improved efficiency, flow, and body movement.

With teaching certifications from World Paddle Association (WPA), HKC, and Function Movement Screenings (FMS), Jonathan has created an extremely unique MOVEMENT ANALYSIS based curriculum that relies on creating a strong foundation and building skill sets with efficiency and precision.

"Jonathan was able to succinctly identify the changes I needed to make to have a more powerful stroke with less energy expended. His understanding of how the body works is great and aids in his coaching. The back and forth conversations have really helped me to not only mentally understand the changes that would benefit me, but physically incorporate those changes. I can’t wait for him to review my next video!"
- Roxanne R. ★★★★★

"I highly recommend the SUP video analysis. After the SUP video analysis, the on-line coaching will exceed your expectations. It is very insightful with details and practical tips to improve your SUP experience...."
- Daniel. ★★★★★

"Such an incredible help, and a great experience overall! I have been paddling for 4 years, and learned all I know from watching youtube, and picking up conversations from fellow paddlers in Casco Bay. I desperately wanted to improve my skills as I've been participating in races for the past year. Reading articles online, and watching videos doesn't even come close to the personal review that I received from Jonathan. Very honest feedback, thorough advice, and longer than expected follow-up. The advice I received was tailored to my skills perfectly. Jonathan's understanding of body mechanics was apparent, and it allowed him to describe techniques to me in a way that I was easily able to apply to my stroke and stance. My confidence and speed improved significantly after several phone conversations. It felt like he really cared that I succeed, and he continues to this day (5 months post review) to check in on me and give me tips. Money well spent!"
- Drew G. ★★★★★

"Great advice. I feel much more confident on the water."
- Heather. ★★★★★

"Jonathan’s input took my paddling to the next level. After putting the time and miles in to training I wasn't seeing the improved times that I wanted. Jonathan's input was respectful, direct and highly effective. With his suggestions my times improved 5 to 7 % within 2 weeks."
- Grey. ★★★★★

"Jonathan's quest for staying current with proper technique and his understanding of bio mechanics is unique. If you want to improve and excel look no further."
- Jen. ★★★★★



* Monthly unlimited+ subscriptions are for a minimum commitment of 2 Months and can be canceled anytime thereafter.

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