When it comes to stand up paddleboard leashes, the Howzit Leash is the best we have seen. Not only is it durable, it attaches from all boards to your ankle, calf, or pfd device (for racing only). Choose from five awesome colors; BLUE, GREEN, RED, PINK, or BLACK.

Always practice #SAFESUP and don't go out on your board without a leash. Different conditions require different leash features. If you're unsure whether you need a quick release, coiled, or straight leash, call us at 802-258-0282 and we'd be happy to help you find the right SUP leash. 

Practice Safe SUP Kit - MTI Fluid 2.0 and HOWZIT Leash
Howzit SUP Leash - BLUE
Howzit SUP Leash - GREEN
Howzit SUP Leash - RED
Howzit SUP Leash - PINK
Howzit SUP Leash - BLACK
safe sup kit with howzit leash and mti sup safety belt pack