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Performance and Race Stand Up Paddleboards

Performance and race stand up paddle boards are sleek, smooth, and help you achieve your best in every paddle session. That’s why they’re the number one board choice for our team of passionate paddlers. Even if you don't race, these boards are good for everyday core workouts, or even timed sessions against yourself. Most boards in this category are made of lightweight carbon composite construction, all with unique hydrodynamic shapes that make paddling easier and more fulfilling.

The NSP Carolina and the Starboard All Star exemplify this style of distinctive, prestigious, and uncompromising stand up paddle boards. Jump aboard this exciting class of SUPs and enjoy the ride of your life.

Vermont Ski and Sport Owner and CLO (Chief Learning Officer) Jonathan races and coaches stand up paddleboarding throughout New England and the East Coast. For private race training or advice on which board is right for you call, text, or email