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8 Things to Look for When Buying Ski Racing Equipment

Vermont Ski and Sport was born from Ski Racing, when our owner Jonathan first moved to Vermont to pursue a run on the Pro Skiing Tour of the 70s/80s. So it's safe to say we live and breath ski racing (along with freeride, all mountain, and recreational carving). Shopping for ski racing equipment can be daunting when you're inundated with high prices, weird terms like "radius", and a limited access to high quality used gear. Here are 8 tips to consider when shipping for your junior and teen racers, yourself, or offering advice to your buddies that just started masters racing.

  1. Ski boots (especially for ski racing) MUST be snug to allow for precise shin pressure. All boots are not created equal and fit geometry matters!
  2. A boot that is too stiff can be more detrimental to the skier than a boot that is a little bit on the softer side.
  3. For adults and larger teens, a 4 buckle ski boot offers several benefits over 2/3 buckle alternatives.
  4. The din-range of a ski binding is just as important to consider as the length, width, and radius of a ski.
  5. The stiffness and overall flex pattern of a ski racing ski matters immensely.
  6. Always ensure theres plenty of edge leftover on a used pair of skis. The metal edge can be worn down to almost nothing from excessive tuning and owning a ski for too long. We always ensure ALL of the pre-owned race skis we sell pass this test with flying colors.
  7. A professional tune-up (base grind, wax prep, edge bevel) can and will result in a hefty performance increase for most ski racing skis.
  8. A ski that is too long or too short can dramatically effect a skiers performance.

We love ski racing and all the disciplines from Slalom and GS to Super G and Downhill. We get so excited to watch all levels of competition from junior racing and high school to collegiate to World Cup and Pro ski racing and beyond. We know affordable and high quality ski racing equipment can be hard to come by. That is why we started our lightly used ski racing equipment department. Our idea and mission is to ensure nobody gets left behind from starting or continuing the sport of ski racing due to high cost of entry.

We carry a highly diverse and amazing racing gear selection from major brands like Atomic, Head, Fischer, Volkl, Dynastar, Head and more. We carry lightly used, open-box deals, and new ski racing equipment from every major manufacturer. Our experience as skiers and coaches will always be available for a free 1-on-1 gear consult to get you set up correctly and economically. Give us a call at 802-258-0282 to get started, a ski racing expert is waiting to help you!

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