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Now Serving NSP Raceboards

Now Serving NSP Raceboards

We are excited to now offer the NSP Sonic dugout race stand up paddleboards. After traveling the spring race circuit from the Carolina SUP Cup to the Bay Bridge Paddle in Annapolis Maryland, we noticed an increase in the use of dugout style race paddle boards.

Even in the prestigious Olukai in Hawaii the #1 finishers in men's and women's were using this style of stand up paddle board. Annabel Anderson and James Casey both smoked the field in the very competitive and difficult conditions of the 2017 Race.

nsp 12 6 sonic carbon

As equipment trendsetters for Vermont and New England, we like to keep our customers up on the latest technologies and innovations within the sup race industry. The recessed cut out deck of these unique looking boards has the potential to offer more stability in narrower widths and make it easier to balance because your center of gravity is closer to the water. The cockpit will be drier and has the potential for less water weight from slowing you down. 

nsp 14 sonic carbon

Get a new sup dugout race board today and be just like Titouan Puyo, Travis Grant, Annabel Anderson, James Casey, and Kelly Margetts riding these game changing race dugout stand up paddleboards.

The NSP quality of build and production is renowned when it comes to finish, durability, speed, control, and integrity. The Sonic 12'6" and 14' are here and ready for your test ride at Vermont Ski and Sport. Reach out to us to set your demo either with a race technique training session at your location or ours.


Check out Titouan Puyo shredding the NSP Sonic in the video below:

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