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In Store Pickup Available 6am-10pm // 7 days a week
In Store Pickup Available 6am-10pm // 7 days a week
NSP Stand Up Paddle Race Boards: What's In a Name?

NSP Stand Up Paddle Race Boards: What's In a Name?

NSP has been a part of the upper echelon of Stand Up Paddleboard racing since the beginning. Sure enough every race, you can see that smooth blue board gliding to a top finish. With paddlers like Travis Grant, Charlotte Spicer, and Jeramie Vaine, it's a no brainer that NSP makes some of the best boards in the world. The new 2018 board line-up features 3 boards that define Stand Up Paddleboarding. These boards feature 3 distinct stories within their names, read more below.

2018 nsp action 12018 nsp action 2

The Sonic - The Sonic is the flagship of the line. Think of a sonic boom. Think of an F16 fighter plane taking off from an aircraft carrier. Think of a rocket ship leaving the atmosphere. The Sonic is an uber fast, dugout design stand up paddle racing board.

2018 nsp sonic pro carbon

The Puma - What characteristics does a hunting cat possess? Lightning fast? Check. The ability to quietly sneak up on it's pray (or the racer ahead of you)? Check. Sleek lines and a clean coat? Check. The Puma is the open deck companion to the Sonic. Quick, stable, and lightweight.

2018 nsp puma pro carbon

The Ninja - The racer ahead of you thinks they hear something coming up the left side, they look back, nothing. Then the right side, still nothing. Before they know it, you are 3 board lengths ahead leaving them confused and in the dust. Enter The Ninja. Silent, super quick, and you might even say, light on it's feet.

2018 nsp ninja pro carbon

The 2018 NSP Stand Up Paddle Race line is the pinnacle of racing technology. Call us today 1-802-258-0282 and reserve yours because just like when they're in the water, these boards will go FAST!

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