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The 2019 Dynastar Carving Skis: Balance, Comfort, and Performance

The 2019 Dynastar Carving Skis: Balance, Comfort, and Performance


A breakthrough in women-specific ski design, the INTENSE collection blends ultra-lightweight innovation with smooth, responsive control for the most comfortable and fluid carving sensations on-trail. Engage the front of the ski, and roll seamlessly edge-to-edge feeling the incomparable edge grip and confidence-boosting stability drive you down the fall line, leaving clean, round arcs in your wake.


Dynastar Intense 8 Xpress Ski System 2019

If you’re looking for a stable, comfortable ski to get you down the hill in one piece, look no further. The 2019 Dynastar Intense 8 Xpress offers advanced beginner to intermediate skiers a smooth and easy platform to hone their skills, while maintaining the benefits of a higher end ski. Early rise in the tip aids turn initiation, while the 74mm waist offers a stable and confident platform for learning and earning your turns. SKI INCLUDES BINDING SYSTEM.


Dynastar Intense 10 Xpress Ski System 2019

The 2019 Dynastar Intense 10 is a well-rounded, stable, lightweight skiing machine. Geared towards groomers and hardpack, the Intense 10 offers a fluid edge to edge transition, as well as powerful edge grip throughout turn execution. The combination of slight tip rocker with regular camber under foot, provides an ultra-responsive and comfortable cruising ski. SKI INCLUDES XPRESS BINDING SYSTEM.


Dynastar Intense 12 Konect W Ski System 2019

If the name of the game is carving edge grip and complete control, then the 2019 Dynastar Intense 12 is your favorite player from your favorite team. Features include innovative ultra-lightweight construction combined with a smooth, responsive edge to edge feeling. Slight tip rocker aid in turn initiation as well as sensational follow-through. The Intense 12 offers intermediate to expert skiers incomparable grip and confidence boosting stability across groomed, icy, and hardpack terrain. SKI INCLUDES BINDING SYSTEM.


It’s fine, we’ll say it. The 2019 Dynastar Speed Zone collection is defining the industry. Here we have a set of skis that offer unparalleled snow control and ultra-fluid carving dynamics, due in part to the World Cup level attention to detail and construction. The Speed Zone series offers a serious carving ski for everyone from the Weekend Warrior to the Bode Miller’esque speed freaks.

Speed Zone 6

Dynastar Speed Zone 6 Xpress Ski System 2019

The 2019 Dynastar Speed Zone 6 is the perfect ski for someone new to the mountain, or a skier who hasn’t skied since this whole “shaped ski” thing took over. Offering a smooth and stable platform, the Speed Zone 6 results in confident turning and mountain exploration, which in turn leads to more fun. And at only $399.95 for Ski and Bindings, you can be skiing the newest 2019 gear without breaking the bank. Available with the Xpress 11 Binding System.

Speed Zone 10

Dynastar Speed Zone 10 Konect Ski System 2019

The 2019 Dynastar Speed Zone 10 offers many of the same corduroy busting features of the 12 ti, but in a slightly more manageable package. Ditching the titanol sheet, the Speed Zone 10 offers a carving machine, that’s both powerful and forgiving. Designed for intermediate carving skiers, this is a ski that is quick edge to edge when it needs to be, but has the ability to lay out big arcs for the wider turning crowd. Available with the Konect SPX 12 Dual Binding System.

Speed Zone 12 Ti

Dynastar Speed Zone 12 Ti Konect Ski System 2019

The 2019 Dynastar Speed Zone 12 Ti is one of our favorite carving skis of 2019. This ski is a stable, powerful, mountain carving machine. At home on hard pack, icy runs, and fresh corduroy the Speed Zone 12 offers a sick feature set that compliment today’s modern carving skier. And with a World Cup inspired construction and side cut, your ski buddies will quickly learn not to race you to the bottom for Apres beers anymore. Available with the Konect SPX 12 Dual Binding System.

Speed Zone 14 Ti R22

Dynastar Speed Zone 14 Ti R22 Racing Ski 2019

The Speed Zone 14 Ti is the flagship bad boy of the group. Equipped with the R22 race plate, the 14 ti is for serious skiers, looking for a serious carving ski. Impressive edge to edge transition, and excellent power through the fall line combine for a brick “out” house type ski. Send it down an icy race course, or just show off your smooth turns below the gondola. Go ahead, we would too. Available with an R22 Raceplate, with bindings available separately.

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