This Summer's Coolest Paddle Board - The ECS Inception

Are you ready for sun filled days with friends and family? Have you experienced that flying sensation while gliding across the water on a stand up paddle board?

The ECS Inception is the paddle board that will take your days on the water and turn them into lifelong memories. Just don't forget to snap a pic for instagram.

ecs inception stand up paddle board collection

Invest In Summer Fun

The Inception series is perfect for all skill levels. These beautiful boards provide a stable platform for beginners to get the hang of things. The very same board provides a progressive shape and rocker, offering more experienced paddlers a quick and maneuverable paddle board.

ecs inception family paddle boarding

Explore, Cruise, Chill, Lay Out

ECS has gone out of their way to make the Inception a home run for all types of paddling. Want to explore and go the distance? The Inception can do that. Wanna surf? It can do that. Want to just lay out all day with your friends, and use your paddle board as a swimming/party dock? The Inception can do it!

ecs inception chilling in the sun

Stable and Smooth is the name of the game

Industry leading board shapers made sure the Inception feels at home in all water conditions. And at 34" wide, it is THE most stable paddle board we've ever ridden.

ecs inception great for kids

Stand up paddle boarding is still pretty new. If you havn't tried it, you just gotta. If you have tried it then chances are you're already "in the know". We are a small business in the green mountains of Jamaica, VT and we live and breath paddle boarding. Whether it's racing, surfing, cruising, river running, or just plain chillin' we've been there, done that, and we're back to tell you about how awesome it was.

Feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call to ask a question about paddle boarding, which board is right for you, or just to chat. We love to talk SUP. Our Gear Gets You There®

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