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2022 Starboard All Star and Sprint; The Best is Here and Now

2022 Starboard All Star and Sprint; The Best is Here and Now

For years, Starboard Stand Up Paddleboards have consistently sat atop the international SUP Race podium, while simultaneously being the best reviewed performance and race paddle boards for everyone from entry level to weekend warriors. For 2022, Starboard will continue to raise the bar on what is possible and what you should expect from the best boards in the world.

2022 starboard action photo

In 2021 we sold more All Stars and Sprint than any of our competitors. But to be honest, it's not just because our service and user experience are unparalleled. It's because the boards are just that good! You don't even have to take our word for it. Starboard's team riders have won more professional races on production boards in the last three years than any other brand in the industry. That's Michael Booth, Fiona Wylde, Connor Baxter, Sonni Honscheid, and a slew of other insanely talented individuals.

fiona wylde paddling a 2022 starboard sprint

For 2022 Starboard and the team take what's best and make it better. New shapes, new outlines, and new experiences offer an all around upgrade for paddlers interested in increasing performance, versatility, and overall enjoyment of stand up paddle boarding. If you're feeling that little tickle, it's ok, we are too. Read on to find out what the heck we're talking about.


2022 starboard all star 14' side view

The new Starboard All Star 14' provides an extremely user-friendly race style paddleboard, that manages to perform well in all sorts of water conditions, giving it the moniker "One Board, All Conditions". A lowered and flattened bottom add stability and control, while maintaining the acceleration that comes from the explosive part of the stroke. A more rounded tail edge and narrower, sharper nose outline improve overall acceleration and versatility, while improving glide and maneuverability. The 2022 Starboard All Star 14' is offered in two construction; the great value Wood Carbon, or the lightest and fastest Carbon Sandwich Technology. You can find out more about these constructions and several more new and exciting features here.

2022 starboard all star 14' side view

In 2022, shipping rates are expected to rise while inventory levels drop and product becomes more difficult to acquire. Consider pre-ordering your 2022 Starboard All Star of choice to solidify your place in line for what is being called one of the best performance and race paddleboards of 2022.


2022 starboard sprint 14' side view

The 2022 Starboard Sprint 14' takes an even bigger performance jump than the All Star. A redesigned board from the ground up, the Sprint offers insane flat water performance, with upgraded control and stability in up to knee high choppy waters. Never before have we seen a dugout paddleboard this fast and this versatile and approachable. To start, a more rounded hull with a low apex has a water repelling effect that increases overall speed and efficiency. Next is a narrower nose outline coupled with a wider standing and tail area. This offers a number of benefits including better control and acceleration, as well as more stability and an easier more efficient buoy turn. The Sprint is also available in Wood Carbon as well as the lightest and fastest Carbon Sandwich Construction. If your a data person like me, you can see what it all boils down to here.

2022 Starboard Sprint 2022

Consider pre-ordering your 2022 Starboard Sprint today to reserve your spot on the deck of one of the fastest boards on the market next year.


For the first time ever, we'll be offering the chance to trade in your current good condition performance stand up paddle board in 12'6 or 14' lengths towards a new 2022 Starboard All Star or Sprint 14'. Get in touch today and get cash towards a new ride.


While we wholeheartedly back the new and improved 2022 Starboard models, it must be said that the 2021 Starboards took a huge leap forward, and still offer a considerable upgrade to any performance minded stand up paddle boarder. A limited number of the 2021 All Star and 2021 Sprint are both available immediately in 14' all you gotta do is click.

And for those of you that want to take advantage of a FREE EXPERT GEAR CONSULTATION just call, text, or email.

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