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paddle boarding in the mountains

How to Visualize Improvement and Make Paddle Technique Gains Without Touching the Water

You can improve your stand up paddle boarding and for that matter anything by visually going over the movements. This technique is called “mental rehearsal” and it allows you to get the feelings and sequencing accomplished for your desired improvements, goals, and changes in life. This is a technique that is used by many of the top athletes, special forces operators, entrepreneurs, and others to develop success, skill acquisitions, and behavior modifications.

Tips and Cues:

  1. Try to visualize yourself doing well executed, smooth, pretty strokes. If you know the portion of your technique that needs tweaking, try to see and feel it and make the correction to the new goal. I recommend doing this both passively (sitting or lying down) and actively standing up and moving through using your arms, hands, and legs.

    a.) Do it with eyes both open and closed.
    b.) Include any props that may help you.

  2. Try to connect all your sensory drivers and receptors. When you are able to piece through the technique you will be much more in tune at a higher level of execution.
  3. When you get back on the water, use what you learned and it apply it dynamically. Stay out of your brain.
  4. Once you can see and feel it in your mind’s eye you are on your way.

It will amaze you how much improvement you can make with your stance, balance, and stroke without being on the water. I have been able to make technical changes that have made vast improvements for me! I took a 4 week break from paddling and when I got back on the water was way ahead of where I left off. Let me know if would like to learn this highly successful sports technique improvement plan.

Recommended Reading: “Directing the Movies of Your Mind: Visualization for Health and Insight” by Marjorie Bair Adelaide Bry

paddle boarding in the mountains
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