The 2019 Dynastar Legend W: All Mountain and Freeride Bliss

Today’s all terrain skiers are all the more requiring a single ski that can do everything well. In the age of convenience, why truck around a kit of carving, powder, and all mountain skis? Enter The 2019 Dynastar Legend W, your favorite skiers’ one ski quiver. Boasting dynamic 5 point sidecuts, playful rocker, and game changing under foot feel, the Legend W is a true all terrain ski. With widths from 75mm to 96mm, there is a ski for everyone.

Legend W75

Dynastar Legend W75 Xpress W 10 System Ski 2019

The redesigned 2019 Dynastar Legend W75 offers an entry level ski for beginner to intermediate skiers. 5 point sidecut, rocker where it counts, and a lightweight XPRESS binding system come standard. The Legend W75 is at home in most terrain, and excels on trail under moderate speed. Available with the Xpress W 10 System.

Legend W80

Dynastar Legend W80 Xpress W 10 Ski System 2019

The 2019 Dynastar Legend W80 is our favorite of the bunch. The perfect east coast all mountain ski, the W80s 5 point sidecut allows it to go anywhere and remain in easy control. A progressive rocker profile provides smooth turn initiaton and transfer, while providing float and power through deeper snow and spring crud. Available with the Xpress W 10 System.

Legend W84

Dynastar Legend W84 Ski 2019

The 2019 Dynastar Legend W84 is the smaller more sassy sibling to the W88. We observed the W84 excelling on groomed snow, hard pack, and icy conditions, offering a smooth, stable, and powerful ski. Quick edge to edge transfer allows easy turning and opens up the whole mountain to explore. Available Flat or as a Xpress W 11 System.

Legend W88

Dynastar Legend W88 Ski 2019

The 2019 Dynastar Legend W88 should be considered the flagship model of the bunch. With an 88mm waist, you can take this ski virtually anywhere. Powder skiing trip? Check. Spring slush day? Check. All mountain daily ripper? Check. Dynamic, playful, and smooth, the W88 is an epic one ski quiver for skiers from Stowe to Snowbird. Available Flat or as a Xpress W 11 System.

Legend W96

Dynastar Legend W96 Ski 2019

The 2019 Dynastar Legend W96 is the perfect ski for a powder skier, who requires a good hold for the occasional groomer. At 96mm under foot, you have all the float you need for the deep stuff. Combine width with a progressive rocker profile, and you’ll see improved snow feel, instinctive power transfer, and incredible stability, even in 12” of powder. Available Flat.

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