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10 Reasons You Should Own A Starboard Allstar

10 Reasons You Should Own A Starboard Allstar

paddling the starboard all star
Paddling the Starboard Allstar Carbon 24.5. | Photo: Starboard

The ubiquitous red nose of the Starboard Allstar can always be seen at the front of any race for good reason. When it comes to a paddle board that is controllable, smooth, fast, and versatile the Allstar is in a class of its own. For the most diverse water conditions, the Starboard Allstar will always be a board that lets you express yourself with style, fun, and most importantly, results.

The students that I have coached who switched to an Allstar 14' for performance riding have improved dramatically. The way it moves in the water earns it a consistently high rating by male and female riders of all ages and abilities.

starboard all star 14 top

When I’m at a race or a new training spot and people ask me "is the Starboard All Star worth it?" and I say “what do you think?” They then start nodding there head up and down and start talking about how they're always getting beat by the red nose super board.

Let's take a look at my 5 reasons to own a Starboard Allstar, then we'll hear from the real pro's on their 5 reasons.

#1.) An Allstar moves through the water effortlessly, which allows you to maintain your technique and style.

#2.) Starboard's lead designer, Svein Rasmussen and the rest of the team continuously refine and keep current the All Stars to maintain dominance in the industry.

#3.) The build quality is astounding.

starboard allstar 14 bottom

#4.) The All Star is super user friendly for a sup of this pedigree. A recreational performance seeking paddler can easily and comfortably paddle it.

#5.) They have the most diverse pro athlete team unrivaled by any other SUP manufacturer. I reached out to some of them below, to get their thoughts on the Allstar.


#6.) "The Allstar was my winning board for the paddle league last year - either up wind, waves, sidewind, downwind or the brutal hot glassy conditions at last year Airfrance event on Tahiti. Just a very complete amazing allround board." - Sonni Hoenscheid quote from April 2019

Sonni Honscheid
Sonni Hoenscheid | Photo: Laura Glantz

#7.) "The All-Star is the board that can do everything! From flat water, to side wind, to ocean and surf it’s the board that can do it all. It’s a board I personally mainly use for surf racing however if you had the choice to only buy one board this would be my choice." - Michael Booth quote from April 2019

Michael Booth
Michael Booth | Photo: @benthouard

#8.) "The Starboard Allstar is my go to board for the World Tour. It performs in most conditions with ease through the water. Whether you are beach starting, take it through the surf or gliding downwind this board will grab your attention. The best part is, it’s only getting better because we are always testing and tweaking it to get maximum performance!" - Connor Baxter quote from April 2019 

connor baxter
Connor Baxter | Photo: Abraham Shouse

#9.) "The Startboard 2019 Allstar is my favorite board for a wide variety of conditions! When there’s a bit of chop, wind, waves, and even glass with lots of current, the Allstar performs. The Allstar feels stable, comfortable and easy to maneuver as it comes in different widths to fit different peoples body types and paddling styles. I use this board for Downwinding, surf racing, choppy conditions and technical races. If in doubt, take the Allstar out!" - Fiona Wylde quote from April 2019

fiona wylde
Fiona Wylde | Photo: Georgia Schofield

#10.) "The All Star has been among the most iconic SUP Raceboards ever shaped, it excels on Beach Race conditions, it’s a very reliable SPRINT machine on the flat, and it is the first choice of many World Class athletes in Down Wind conditions. It has been my 1st race board and it is still among my absolute favorites" - Daniel Hasulyo quote from April 2019

Daniel Hasulyo
Daniel Hasulyo | Photo: Sineshine1989

So there you have it. 5 of the best paddlers in the world have shared their thoughts. But now some of you may be saying, "I'd love an Allstar, but I just can't store a full size hard stand up paddle board"! Well you're in luck, because along with the 12'6 and 14' All Star hard boards, there is also an inflatable option, with very similar dimensions and performance, but it fits under the bed, in the trunk of your car, or even in the closet when it's deflated.

starboard all star airline deluxe inflatable
Starboard All Star Airline Inflatable
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