2016 Riviera Paddlesurf RP Race Paddleboards Now Available

During the summer of 2015, Jonathan and I had the pleasure of testing out all the 2016 stand up paddle boards at the Outdoor Retailer Convention in Salt Lake City, UT. These conventions are always fun whether it be Surf Expo in Orlando, SIA in Denver, or OR in SLC. As retailers, we get to to see and test all of the latest and greatest gear from the best manufacturers.

This year, Riviera Paddlesurf really upped their game. We have been in a unique position to watch Riviera Paddlesurf grow, while getting the chance to paddle their boards from year to year (which just get better and better). This year is no different.

2016 Riviera Paddlesurf RP 12'6" Stressed Mint
The 2016 Riviera Paddlesurf RP 12'6" in Stressed Mint | $1449

The 2016 Riviera Paddlesurf RP 12'6" and 14" Race series boards are incredibly fast, lightweight, and versatile. With an updated shape over the 2015 model, these boards glide super smooth through flat water, chop, and waves. The new fiberglass and carbon/kevlar construction is also light, durable, and eye pleasing. 

2016 rp 12 6 test in lake tahoe
Testing the 26" wide RP 12'6" at Lake Tahoe p: Zac Bensing

They are now available to order in 24", 26", and 28" wide options and the best part? No longer does it cost $2350 to get the top of the line race boards. The 2016 Riviera Paddlesurf RP is starting at $1449.

Check it out now:
The 2016 Riviera Paddlesurf RP 12'6" Race Board in Stressed Mint | $1449

The 2016 Riviera Paddlesurf RP 14' Race Board in Stressed White | $1599

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