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noic garoud racing on the 2024 starboard all star performance paddle board

12 Performance Paddleboard Training Tips and Observations

As we put away our skis and snowboards, it’s a great time to get back on the water with our passion for performance stand up paddle boarding! I’ve learned a lot this past winter, including a deep dive into further studying human physiology and related sciences for longevity, quality of life, and fitness improvement. My goal as a lifestyle performance paddler and coach is to be able to offer you the most cutting-edge guidance and training possible.

This collection of tips is meant to inspire your spring and jumpstart your training regimen heading into the summer season.

1.) Train less but with improved focus toward a selected outcome.

2.) If your foot health is compromised, your strength, mobility, and function will suffer.

3.) There are too many SUP clinics and coaches that make the sport way too complicated.

4.) High quality base-line aerobic fitness is incredibly important for performance stand up paddling after all!

espe winning a race on the 2024 starboard all star performance paddle board

5.) Using the little muscles in your feet is understated and we tend to focus too much on the bigger muscles (quads, glutes, lats, etc.) for our stroke technique.

6.) The utilization of heart rate and mph monitoring in realtime is a key access point for learning to go faster! Just try to monitor these metrics without looking down at your deck.

7.) Managing breathing needs to be trained properly.

8.) Paddle less and cross train off the water more often.

9.) If you’re not improving, hire a coach with proven results. If your fitness level is appropriate, you will paddle away with a totally new skill level you have only dreamed of.

10.) You need to be applying posterior strength work such as horizontal rows and vertical pulls for shoulder health and resilience. Paddling begins with the shoulders after all!

11.) Getting connected to your board deck with active feet (recognizing the balls and heels and stabilizing your body through your feet) as you load the paddle will drive your board forward.

12.) Performance stand up paddle boarding has different force production, muscle activation, and balance then outrigger (OC1, etc), canoeing, and kayaking.

Daniel Hasulyo racing on the 2024 starboard all star performance paddle board
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