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Stand Up Paddle Racing Boards: The Riviera RP 12'6" Is #1

Stand Up Paddle Racing Boards: The Riviera RP 12'6" Is #1

Check out our new article on the updated 2017 RP 12'6" (updated 10/24/2016)

Anyone who races stand up paddleboards (SUP) wants to be the fastest and win races. In this quest, there is always discussion on who makes the quickest paddleboards and what’s the hot brand to buy. As a coach and sup racer I believe all the top brands make a good paddleboard. With that said, differences in construction, along with shape and price are key factors to consider when shopping for a race board. It is also important to find a balance between durability and lightness.

Riviera paddlesurf athlete Shelby Taylor
Riviera Paddlesurf Athlete Shelby Taylor on the 2016 Riviera RP 12'6" in Distressed Mint

When you take everything into consideration and then read the below price comparison chart, the Riviera RP in 12’6 or 14’ is the clear choice. From a durability, shape, lightness, control, efficiency, graphics appeal, and price standpoint, it blows the competition out of the water.

Kim Barnes racing and family with Riviera PaddlesurfRiviera Paddleboards team athlete Kim Barnes racing and taking the kids for a ride

Email or call us at 802-258-0282 to talk about what size Riviera paddleboard is right for you. We can outfit you from the ground up including performance stand up paddleboard racing lessons anywhere in the United States.

thomas riviera paddlesurf
Thomas "Maximus" Shahinian ripping on a custom Riviera Paddlesurf Race Board

The Riviera Paddlesurf race paddleboards are designed by Taylor Rambo, who is also an accomplished SUP racer and SUP surfer. The new technology for 2016 has blended lightweight kevlar layers with a unique, new colored graphic. This distressed look is already turning heads and wining praise for its innovative look.

ryan helm on the 2016 riviera paddlesurfRyan Helm leading the pack on his 2016 Riviera Paddlesurf RP 12'6" Race Board

2016 Stand Up Paddle Race Board Price Comparison List

Riviera Paddlesurf 12'6" RP $1,449.00
Red Paddle Co. 12'6" Race $1,599.00
Naish 12'6" GTW $1,999.00
Naish 12'6" Javelin Carbon $3,499.00
Starboard 12'6" All Star Carbon Hybrid $2,299.00
Starboard 12'6" All Star Brushed Carbon $3,499.00
Bark 12'6" Vapor $2,499.00
SIC 12'6" FX Pro SSC $2,699.00
Infinity 12'6" Ocean Racer $1,995.00
404 12'6" Race PVC $2,049.00
404 12'6" Race Carbon $2,449.00
Black Box 12'6" Race $1,999.00
Lahui Kai 12'6" Carbon Race $1,985.00
Boga 12'6" Typhoon Team $1,895.00
Fanatic 12'6" Falcon $3,999.00
NSP Flatwater Race Elite 12'6"  $2,395.00
NSP DC Surf Race Brushed Carbon 12'6" $2,299.00

jonathan bischof stand up paddleboard racingJonathan Bischof is from Jamaica, Vermont and is an avid skier, stand up paddle boarder, kettle bell enthusiast, and loves to eat and cook. For fun he likes to race stand up paddle boards. He runs the stand up paddle board academy for Vermont Ski and Sport. Jonathan is a fitness professional with the following credentials; National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Level 1 and 2, and Russian Kettlebell (RKC1 and HKC).


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