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coach jonathan training on the 2024 starboard all star

15 Performance Paddleboarding Tips

This spring has been a remarkable learning period for me as a coach and fitness lifestyle paddle boarder. My goals to become more versatile, competent, and dynamic are a wonderful work in progress. I attribute achieving some of these aspirations to good coaching and lots of image and video analysis! My tips are only for the paddle athletes who are aspiring to become accomplished technique aficionados, regardless of whether they race or paddle recreationally.

I hope these tips help you! Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or for some of the best private coaching available. Together we can make reaching your goals easier while having more fun and enjoyment in the process.

coach jonathan training on the 2024 starboard all star

1.) Everything starts and ends with a balanced 2 footed stance that maintains a level board left to right. Make it the most important aspect of your paddling. If you’re not feeling the soles of your feet and the shifting weight at all times, you need to figure this out and make it a priority.

2.) When you go to drive the paddle down into the water, don't lean or bob forward with your head/chin.

3.) Make sure the the top hand position is inline with your forearm. This is needed for power and to connect the kinetic chain. Not to mention for wrist safety!

4.) The reach is accomplished with the drive of the bottom arm forward. That’s it! When done properly, the correct entry angle is achieved.

coach jonathan training on the 2024 starboard all star

5.) The catch happens very quickly. Don't make it more than needed.

6.) If you’re hip hinging, be smooth and quiet with this movement.

7.) Keep your hips facing forward (not as rotated) as your base line for optimal balance.

8.) Take all the talk about recovery and standing up at the end of your stroke with less emphasis.

coach jonathan training on the 2024 starboard all star

9.) Recovery should be a function of energy system and breathing control.

10.) If your back hurts, it’s from faulty technique. It’s that simple.

11.) Zone 2 paddling sessions with nasal breathing focus are the road to success.

12.) When to pull and push with your top and bottom arm and in what sequence requires finesse and feel.

coach jonathan training on the 2024 starboard all star

13.) Figuring out the width of your stance is imperative.

14.) I don’t care how far you bend forward, as long as you maintain a straight line from the head to hips.

15.) If you’re looking to race or paddle at a high level, change your position (athletic stance) and training to reflect that.

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