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9 Reasons I Love to Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board

9 Reasons I Love to Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board

Hey folks, I think the secret is out, I love to paddle board. It makes me feel so alive! Whenever I get the chance to get on the water paddling I feel so much better. Here's 9 reasons I love to stand up paddle (SUP) board.

paddleboarding in cambodia

#1. The feeling of walking or running on top of the water

#2. The cool things I see looking down into the water

looking out at the water

#3. The fulfillment of propelling myself and my board to all the cool destinations

paddle boarding in cool destinations

#4. Feeling and hearing my heartbeat and breathing while forgetting everything else

#5. Nature is now my gym

#6. It's so much fun paddling with other people

the starboard sup team paddleboarding together

#7. Trying to balance in different water conditions is exhilarating

#8. Falling into water doesn’t hurt like crashing on a bike or skis

#9. The relaxed and tired feeling after a good SUP session

paddle board yoga is great for relaxation

I hope this gets you stoked to join in the fun this spring, summer, and fall on your own SUP board.

Feel free to text/call at +1-802-258-0282 or email us for help or advice in keeping your paddle board experience healthy, happy and safe.

sit or stand SUP is awesome

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