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Can I Train Core While Brushing My Teeth?

Can I Train Core While Brushing My Teeth?

The more I delve into posture, movement, and trying to keep my old chassis going, I keep coming back to synchronicity. Let me tell you about a story for a unique picture relating to core activation and synchronicity. What if we took away our car tires, drained the fluids, and messed with the engine? We would end up with a vehicle that doesn’t function as it was designed. Said car may even drive for a while, but will soon result in complete shutdown. The human body is like said car in that it functions via a synchronicity of many moving parts. It’s got to translate into a total response and awareness of all pieces.

When it comes to core activation, it’s the blending of many muscles and movements from head to toe! Consider these core cues.

1. When standing around, be aware of whether you’re ‘owning the stance’ or merely succumbing to gravity.

2. As I’ve said many times, the core starts at the foot TRIPOD (heel/big toe/little toe).

3. Powering one joint and movement while shutting down almost all others is not CORE Synchronicity.

4. Recently a fellow teacher sent me a comment and I will repeat it. ROM (Range of Motion) is important, but not at the expense of loss of ROC (Range of Control).

5. If you still like to do tons of sit-ups LMK how that’s going for you?

6. Check in with your body during sports, dance, and life and feel “Is it activated and connected?”.

7. Yes you can Core Activate and learn valuable positioning and cueing whilst brushing your teeth (See Cues #1-6).

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