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2021 starboard race and performance stand up paddle boards the all star and the sprint

The 2021 Starboard All Star vs. Sprint: What's the Deal?

Starboard has always been at the forefront of progressive stand up paddle board design and manufacturing and for 2021 their performance and race board line up is no different. The two mainstays are the All Star and the Sprint. Both boards have a home in your quiver, and both boards offer an edge against the competition; whether it's Michael Booth and Sonni Honscheid at a world cup race, or just trying to beat your own fastest stroke time.

Jamie and Jonathan recently sat down to talk about these two boards and how they can benefit any style of stand up paddle boarder. Listen in below!


We like to think of the 2021 Starboard All Star as the go anywhere, do anything performance board. This paddle board is at home in open ocean, lakes, ponds, and deep, rockless rivers. The biggest draw of the All Star is it's ability to perform in all water conditions from heavy chop, beach starts, glassy ocean, or whatever else you can throw at it. Compared to last years shape, the new shape of the All Star and the dugout improvement, allows for unrivaled performance in the dreaded side chop. The balance profile offers unrivaled stability even at narrower widths. We've seen that most paddlers can go one to two sizes narrower than what they are used to, because of the stellar design of this craft. Available in two constructions, two lengths, and several widths, there is a 2021 Starboard All Star to fit just about every paddler.


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The 2021 Starboard Sprint is like a paternal twin to the All Star. It offers a similar dug out build, and comparable performance to the All Star, but where the All Star excels as an "All Terrain SUP", the Sprint is born for flat water or mild chop. Able to throw a wake like there's a motor attached, the 14' Sprint offers one of the most stable flat water performance/speed/race/fitness stand up paddle boards that we have come across. Excellent as a fitness training alternative at your local lake, or as a race tool for the 2021 season. We like the Sprint because it is just plain fast! Also available in two constructions, two lengths, and several widths, there is a 2021 Starboard Sprint to fit just about every paddler.


Either the 2021 Starboard Sprint or the All Star will provide a life changing ride out in the water. If we could, we'd say get both and use the All Star when it's heavy chop and go Sprint for glassy days. But we say, go for what you paddle most. And as always, feel free to Call, text, email, or live-chat with a PRO for FREE right now!

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Header Photo: Sheila Sirvent || Above Photo: Daniel Hasulyo
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