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Will the Goblet Squat Make Me a Better Paddler/Skier?

We all know that leg strength is so very important for all aspects of life. When one assumes they have strong legs (lower chassis) the question to be asked is; How strong really? Long walks and hikes, working in a physical job, and playing weekend warrior is all fine and dandy. But I’ve been pondering this; at what load and intensity will strength training your legs result in improved safety and performance, and becoming an all around bad ass at your sport?

The goblet squat is dynamic and creates superior movement quality when done properly. The down phase (eccentric) teaches stability and control. The up phase (concentric) develops power and coordination under stress.

I disliked goblet squats until recently, mostly because I did them incorrectly and did not give them the emphasis that was needed. To say now I am a born again with the goblet squat is an understatement. I finally figured out my stance and positioning to a point where they feel great. I was highly motivated by my son who is an avid practitioner of strength training. Watching his results and progress made me realize to get on it and to include exercises that I have brushed off. It’s amazing how we can get stuck in what feels good and leave out the medicine that is actually needed! Plain and simple, goblet squats will improve your sports and movement quality.

Here’s some cues for better results;

1.) MOST IMPORTANT TAKE AWAY - Ideally have a qualified coach work you through this precise movement.

2.) Upper torso needs to be tall, long, and engaged.

3.) If you’re going to use a lighter kettlebell or dumbbell, make sure you own the movements and use the same technique you’d use with heavier weights i.e. no sloppy movements.

4.) “Time under tension” is my cue that I like to feel and play with.

5.) The start phase and the low loaded phase are more connected than you realize.

6.) Your feet need to be screwed and tensioned into the floor.

7.) Holding and owning the bottom position under load when you are ready can improve mobility.

8.) Don't look down, protect your neck, and visualize your specific sport for added fun.

I personally prefer the kettlebell and even after all my years of using them I still have so much to learn.

goblet squat dumbell
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