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If You Can't See You Can't Ski - The Importance of Great Goggles

If You Can't See You Can't Ski - The Importance of Great Goggles

Nothing ruins a day of skiing faster then crappy goggles. Whether you've dealt with foggy lenses, low visibility, loss of balance, or uncomfortable fit, we all know what it's like. 

Investing in a performance ski or snowboard goggle will up your game and enjoyment dramatically. Making sure to take into account how you will use them:

  • Will you primarily go out on sunny days?
  • Do you need a versatile lens for all weather and light conditions?
  • Do you prefer to have multiple lenses and a quick release system?
  • Do you wear a Neck Gaitor (foggy lens culprit)

These are all important questions to consider.

For years we've relied on Bolle goggles to answer all of these questions. Consistently on the forefront of lens technology, Bolle makes goggles that are functionally superior and ridiculously comfortable to wear. The Modulator series of lenses provides a single lens solution to any type of light condition you can throw at it. See why the Bolle Athletes love their goggles in the video below and then use code "BolleDiscount" to get 10% off any Bolle goggle we sell. 


bolle virtuose white and pink plaid


Bolle's top tier offering. Featuring an ultra wide field of view and a super comfortable fit. Each pair includes 2 premium lenses and features a hassle free quick change system for lens swapping.

Available in Black/Grey Iceberg or White/Pink Iceberg.


Bolle emperor green etnic


Featuring a prominent wide, spherical lens, this stylish model offers incredible visual clarity.

Try the Shiny Black with Modulator Light Control Lens or Green Etnic with Green Emerald Lens.




bolle gravity black and whiteTHE GRAVITY

Featuring a strap outrigger system, this goggle integrates seamlessly with helmets.

Available as Two Tone Black with Modulator Light Control or Black and White with Green Emerald.




bolle scarlett mate turquoise and greenTHE SCARLETT

The Scarlett combines style and tech in an elegant but functional way. Anti-fog and Anti-scratch with comfortable and stylish fit.

Available as Matte Turqoise and Green Emerald Lens or Shiny Black Night with Modulator Vermillion Lens.



Bolle nova 2 shiny black and modulatorTHE NOVA II

The Nova II is a redesigned classic featuring a 20% bigger field of view than the original Nova. A well ventilated, cylindrical lens allows for less glare and distortion, while enhancing anti fog and anti scratch properties. 

Available in Shiny Black with either Modulator Vermillion or Green Emerald Lenses.


bolle z5 over the glass goggleBOLLE OVER THE GLASS GOGGLES

Designed for maximum comfort for those who wear glasses under their goggles. The OTG models have been specially designed to fit comfortably over glasses, while offering the same protection and lens quality as other models.

Available in the Z5 or Y6.



Bolle carve green emeraldTHE CARVE

The Carve is a solid ski and snowboard goggle at a fantastic price. With many of the features of higher tiered models and an awesome Green Emerald lens.





bolle mojoTHE MOJO

Simple and effective. The Mojo is mainstay that just gets it done.

Available in Shiny Black with either a Vermillion (Rose) or Clear lens.




bolle volt plus kids goggleKIDS GOGGLES

Kids deserve the same anti-fog, anti-scratch, and UVA/UVB protection as the adults. The volt+ features all of the above in fun and colorful packages.

Available in Pink or Blue.




And as always, for help choosing the right gear from our helpful outdoor experts, feel free to call 802-258-0282, email us, or chat with us from the bottom of your screen.

tessa worley bolle
Bolle's Tessa Worley in the Emperor Goggle

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Mary - January 9, 2017

Do the OTC googles come in the modulator and what is the range of coat

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