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10 Benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

10 Benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

When it comes to beginners, Vermont Ski and Sport is friendly and supportive in getting you started with stand up paddle boards. Whether you call it SUPing, paddle boarding, or stand up paddle boarding it just spells FUN with fitness and nature. Our professional coaches are absolutely thrilled to help beginners! We can have you come to beautiful Vermont or Cape Cod, Massachusetts to learn. Our experience and knowledge will ensure an awesome experience. We can even arrange for comfortable accommodations and epic itineraries. Private lessons and group training are all available and we’ll even come to your location for VIP coaching.

1.) It’s super fun for everyone

family stand up paddle boarding kids stand up paddleboarding 

2.) Awesome way to exercise for fitness and health

sup fitness

3.) Offers a close connection with an undisturbed view of nature

starboard tikhine one with nature

4.) Enjoyable by all ages

having fun stand up paddle boarding

5.) You can fish from a paddle board 

fishing on a paddle board

6.) Paddle boards make the perfect yoga platform

yoga stand up paddle boarding

7.) Dogs love riding on paddle boards with you

dog on a paddle board

8.) A great floating platform for swimming, snorkeling, and just chilling with your crew

crew hanging on a paddle board

9.) Easily strap a picnic cooler or camping gear for an awesome overnight cruise

camping with paddle boards

10.) A floating water bed to just lay out and enjoy the weather 

laying out in the sun

    Please feel free to reach out to us for any advise or specific questions you may have. We love to promote the sport and lifestyle to new people and we enjoy our job more than anything else. We specialize in professional teaching and offering new and used equipment that is perfectly matched to your needs. Let us come to you and bring the fun call +1-802-258-0282 or email us today.
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