10 Considerations When Buying a Stand Up Paddle Board

Stand up paddle (SUP) boarding has become the go to activity for summer fun under the sun. Many people ask us how to choose a paddle board. We like to ask these 10 questions to help find the perfect SUP board for you.

our favorite stand up paddle boards
From left to right; NSP Puma 14', Starboard All Star 12'6", Inception 10'6", and the Starboard Tikhine 11'2" Inflatable

1.) What is the weight and height of all users

2.) What is the athletic experience of all users

3.) What type of water you’ll use the board in (oceans, rivers, lakes, etc)?

4.) Do you want a fixed paddle or an adjustable paddle everyone can use?

5.) Have you familiarized yourself with required safety equipment such as a leash and pfd? They may save your life.

6.) What are the conditions where you paddle? Are there winds, currents, and tidal changes to be aware of?

7.) What activities will you do on your board? i.e. yoga, fishing, cardio/fitness, relaxing, racing, surfing, etc.

8.) Are there special needs or considerations for any of the users?

9.) What are the conditions at your launch area? Is it sandy, rocky, seawall, a dock, etc.

10.) Have you purchased a roof rack to secure your paddle board? Or will you be purchasing an inflatable that will fit inside most cars?

Once you've answered these questions, you are ready to pick out the right board. Feel free to give us a call at +1-802-258-0282 or email us and we'll help you find the perfect set up. And remember, Our Gear Gets You There ®.

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