The Riviera Paddlesurf Voyager 12’6” - The Best SUP in its Class

What can we say about the Riviera Paddlesurf Voyager 12'6" other than sensational, awesome, versatile, smooth, fun, and fast! Read this guide and you'll realize how great the Voyager 12'6" really is.

2015 riviera paddlesurf voyager mint

Voyager 12’6” Usage Guide:

  • Stand up paddleboard Touring
  • SUP Yoga
  • Paddleboard fishing
  • Beginner stand up paddleboard Racing 
  • Sup cruising
  • Stand up paddle board fitness training

The Voyagers hull shape cuts through the water efficiently and effectively, making it paddler friendly for any water condition. The stability is so good that friends, kids, and even dogs will enjoy the ride.

riviera paddlesurf voyager 12'6" in lavender
Riviera Paddlesurf Voyager 12'6" in Lavender

Having the added nose and tail bungee tie down system allows you to store gear and snacks for all your adventurous good times. The new Riviera color choice this year of distressed white and mint looks sup-sational.

 Riviera Paddlesurf Voyager 12'6" in Ocean
Riviera Paddlesurf Voyager 12'6" in Ocean

When we consider quality of construction, retail cost, and all of the above factors, this board wins the Vermont Ski and Sport 12'6" Recreational Touring Board class pick of 2016*. 


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