Best Places to Stand Up Paddleboard in Vermont


New England has many wonderful places to stand up paddle board that are all very accessible. The breathtaking vistas, and variety of paddling conditions make Vermont and New England some of the best areas for exploring stand up paddle boarding. When it comes to beautiful, hidden bodies of water, Vermont is plentiful. The adventurous paddler will be able to visit Vermont and find many places to stand up paddle board in many different conditions.

jonathan bischof paddleboarding in vermont


Lowell Lake State Park: Located in Londonderry, Vermont.
Lowell Lake is close to home and gives me a chance to get on the water quickly. Thee are no motorboats allowed and you’ll be privy to great views of Glebe Mountain throughout your entire paddle.

Stratton Mountain Snowmaking Pond: Located in Winhall, Vermont.
The Stratton Snowmaking Pond is small but has quick and easy water access. I like going early or very late in the day because it can get quite crowded during afternoon hours. The Snowmaking pond has beautiful views of both Bromley Mountain and Stratton Mountain Summits.

stratton mountain snowmaking pond in vermont

Emerald Lake State Park: Located in East Dorset, Vermont.
Emerald Lake is a small but unique spot with clear water in a serene setting. 

Grout Pond Recreation Area: Located in the town of Stratton, Vermont.
Grout Pond is the place if you are looking for a secluded location that allows camping. Big open areas to paddle with crystal clear water.

Connecticut River: Various drop-in locations but we love dropping at the Marina in Brattleboro, VT
This gem is by far my favorite with its diverse and challenging conditions. For the experienced and advanced Stand Up Paddler, it offers great tour and race training. The river can get very windy with decent chop and you have an opposite current to contend with at times. Motorboat traffic is something to be aware of. Always paddle safe, and give boaters the right of way. I launch from the Marina Restaurant in Brattleboro, VT where there is a decent amount of parking designated for water goers.

brattleboro marina in vermont

Also for beginners, if you launch at the Marina and head north, you can have an easy paddle that is protected from the open river. Watch out for shallow areas and submerged logs.

  • Always wear a coast guard approved personal floatation device. We love the MTI waist pack for its low profile and comfortable, unobtrusive fit
  • Always wear a SUP leash connecting you to you board
  • File a water plan with someone and let them know when you start and return
  • For longer distance sessions bring water, food, and phone
  • Only paddle as far out as you can paddle back
  • Stay alert and be aware of changing weather conditions
  • Assume all risks and responsibility for your actions



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