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Starboard all star team action

A Summer on the 2023 Starboard All Star

I am just amazed at how well the 2023 Starboard All Star performs! We have not written enough about it this year and frankly cause we have been slammed getting people all across North America their Allstar boards. Just now we have come up for air and thought you would like to hear some finer points of why we feel it’s a must have craft for the athletic stand up paddle boarder.

1. First off did you know that Starboard is the only paddle board company that updates, tweaks, and changes their molds every year? Just from a cost perspective this is wild and just shows you how committed they are to staying the leader in design and superior ride. Many manufacturers have not changed their design in years!

Starboard all star team action

2. The higher volume of the All Star gives it a superior edge in rough conditions in addition to improved acceleration and top speed.

3. The higher sides (freeboard) maintain a level of security with less water entering stand area and secondary stability that most flat decks can only dream of.

4. For 2023 the new nose shape has increased lift, control, and speed in both flat and rough water. I really like the way it enters any direction, I always feel confident no matter what.

5. Sensitivity, reactive speed, and control on the water for 2023 has been improved so much I often ask myself, “how can they keep pulling this off?”

6. The 2023 All Star performance paddle board does not compress into the water as you catch and power phase your stroke. This is crucial for turning your efforts into forward momentum and enables you to have unlimited speed.

7. The combination of the softer rail edges, changed tail width, new carbon fin, and the updated underwater drainage system with carbon fiber covers all contribute to a highly remarkable all-purpose performance paddle board.

8. Whether conditions are glassy lakes or rough ocean swell, the All Star will build you up and never let you down.

For anyone looking for advice and data I have hundreds of hours in diverse conditions on the Starboard Allstar since 2019. Reach out and I’d be glad to help walk you through what the best option for you and your conditions will be.

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