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testing the quickblade stingray 65 in vermont

The All New Quickblade Stingray 65" Paddle: Changing the Game

Quickblade Paddles have changed the SUP game. The all new Stingray Paddle with 65” blade made specifically for stand up paddle boarding will change the way we look at paddles forever!

It’s the most innovative design concept that the stand up paddle board Industry has ever seen. Leave it to Jim Terrell of Quickblade Paddles to pull this out of his hat. Jim is a paddler, C1 canoe olympian, and savant when it comes to paddle design. He has given us many award wining models including the T2 and UV to name a few.

When we first tried the new Stingray we had no idea what to expect, but after even just a few strokes we knew immediately that this was a HUGE GAME CHANGER.

testing the quickblade stingray 65 in vermont

In our first test, no data gathering electronic devices were used. We only went by feel, just wanting to experience the physicality of it all. On the second test session e-devices were used to ensure the data matched the mind/body feel. Here are some key take aways:

1. The decisiveness of the catch and the ease of obtaining it are remarkable.

2. Because the mass is sideways and much shorter in vertical height than a typical paddle it’s significantly quicker stroke to stroke. It’s easier to achieve a higher speed and stay there than a conventional paddle.

3. Accelerating from a standstill is easier.

4. Balancing on your board when turning ie. cross bow and pivot turns feels way more connected and more secure.

quickblade stingray 65 blade

5. Less stress was experienced on my upper extremities.

6. There is no need to go as deep in the catch as in conventional shaped paddles. With that said, this blade must be COMPLETELY SUBMERGED to experience the true benefit.

7. All levels of paddlers can enjoy and improve with the Sting Ray. I actually believe it will make newbies and struggling intermediates improve and feel more connected.

8. You do end up contacting the side of your board in a different way than conventional paddles.

quickblade stingray side profile

9. Because of the wonderful connection of the blade, it’s easier to make the angles in your forward stroke.

10. Bracing is significantly more connected and more responsive.

11. It’s imperative that you size down your Stingray paddle 2” shorter than a properly sized traditional performance paddle.

I believe for those that are willing to be on the forefront of SUP technique, a Quickblade Stingray will open up a whole new experience. Reach out to me for Stingray or any paddle advice!

testing the quickblade stingray 65 in vermont

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