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What is Performance Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

Let’s face it, the majority of paddler boarders will never make a living as a professional sup paddler. With that said, when it comes to the sport we can be champions and aficionados for a lifetime of fun. Performance paddling is all about fitness, technique, proper gear, and a lifelong commitment to developing skills. What the majority of Joe and Jane Public don’t realize is that it’s more than standing on an inflatable striking a pose for social media. The future of paddle boarding needs our support in sharing the true story to new and existing people that are not in the inside track like we all are. We know it’s one of the most awesome sports out there!

Consider these points;

1. Stand up paddle boarding is an incredibly effective core workout!

2. A true performance all-purpose stand up paddle board that tracks, glides, accelerates, and gives much better feedback is our #1 choice for most as an all-around board option. They will look much different than what many shops and online stores sell, and what your friends recommend. The shape and sidecut will have a sharper angled nose very much like a boat along with looking sleeker and more streamlined than surfboards.

3. The so called industry designation of a surf board shape as an all-around paddle board is something we thoroughly disagree with.

4. Having an athletic beginner buy and experience a 12’6” to 14’ performance all-purpose paddle board from the start will create a much better and more committed paddler.

5. Learning proper basic paddle boarding techniques will enable paddlers to enjoy and make credible gains in their new hobby and passion.

6. For cardio fitness conditioning, paddle boarding can be highly recommended with many health benefits.

quickblade/starboard mid-race action

7. A properly fitted paddle is part of the essence, experience, and positive outcome for any new paddler. I have taken newbies and built them a new Quickblade or Hippostick and their reaction has been beyond words!

8. We sell “race” boards to non-racers all the time as our choice for performance all-purpose paddling and are met with positive responses and significant enthusiasm.

Let’s all be spokespeople heralding the story that when it comes to a sport that has so many benefits performance stand up paddle boarding rules. If you need help getting gear for yourself, your friends, family, clubs, and/or organizations reach out today!

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