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Dynastar All Mountain Skis for 2016/2017

Dynastar All Mountain Skis for 2016/2017

If it ain't broke, don't fix it is Dynastar's motto for their all mountain ski lines, the Powertrack and the Glory. These versatile skis are perfect for men and women skiers who like to explore the whole mountain, and want a ski that can perform everywhere from moderate powder to icey groomers.

At Vermont Ski and Sport we have kept Powertracks and Glorys in our quivers for the past few seasons and can attest to their incredible ability to hold an edge while carving, but also remain maneuverable and reliable in the trees, steeps, and deeps.

Check out the vid below to see the skis in action.

Below you can find a model by model break down of the mens and women's line for the 2016/2017 winter season.

POWERTRACK 89 - FROM $649.95
dynastar powertrack 89

The Powertrack 89 provides the perfect one ski quiver for expert skiers who require a ridiculously fun ski that can carve a turn as well as hold its own off trail.

DIMENSIONS: 110mm - 89mm - 126mm @ 179cm
AVAILABLE SIZES: 165cm, 1672cm, 179cm, 186cm
AVAILABLE PACKAGES: Flat Ski, Ski w/ Look SPX 12 Dual WTR Binding, or Ski w/ SPX Fluid 12 Binding System

Previous seasons Dynastar Powertracks are available at a steep discount here.

POWERTRACK 84 - FROM $499.95
dynastar powertrack 84
dynastar powertrack 84

The Powertrack 84 combines 5 point sidecut normally seen on freeride skis, with a huge sweet spot for carving turns. A little narrower than the 89, this ski lends itself well to intermediate to expert all mountain skiers who may spend a little more time on trail than off.

DIMENSIONS: 106mm - 84mm - 106mm @ 176cm
AVAILABLE SIZES: 162cm, 169cm, 176cm, 183cm
AVAILABLE PACKAGES: Flat Ski, Ski w/ SPX 12 Dual WTR Binding, or Ski w/ SPX Fluid 12 Binding System

POWERTRACK 79 - FROM $499.95
dynastar powertrack 79
dynastar powertrack 79

Beginner to intermediate skiers will find the Powertrack 79 soft, forgiving, and easy to end up spending the whole day skiing on. Perfect for parents who spend a lot of time chasing kids, or intermediate skiers looking to improve their ski skills.

DIMENSIONS: 103mm - 79mm - 122mm @ 173cm
RADIUS: 14mm
AVAILABLE SIZES: 159cm, 166cm, 173cm, 180cm
AVAILABLE PACKAGES: Ski w/ Fluid Binding System, Ski w/ Xpress Binding System

GLORY 89 - FROM $599.95
dynastar glory 89

The Glory 89 combines power, versatility, and playfullness for expert women skiers looking to explore the whole mountain.

DIMENSIONS: 110mm - 89mm - 126mm @ 173cm
AVAILABLE SIZES: 159cm, 166cm, 173cm
AVAILABLE PACKAGES: Flat Ski, Ski w/ Look NX-11 Binding

GLORY 84 - FROM $499.95
dynastar glory 84

The Glory 84 is an awesome all mountain ski for intermediate to expert women skiers. Perfect for skiers looking to go on and off trail and get to know the mountain.

DIMENSIONS: 106mm - 84mm - 123mm @ 163cm
AVAILABLE SIZES: 149cm, 156cm, 163cm, 170cm
AVAILABLE PACKAGES: Flat Ski, Ski w/ Look NX-11 Binding, Ski w/ Xpress Binding System

Previous seasons Dynastar Glory 84 are available at a steep discount here.

GLORY 79 XPRESS - FROM $499.95
dynastar glory 79 xpress

Soft and forgiving, the Glory 79 is a great first ski for beginner to intermediate women skiers who want to get out on the mountain and experience a super fun ski.

DIMENSIONS: 103mm - 79mm - 122mm @159mm
AVAILABLE SIZES: 144cm, 152cm, 159cm, 167cm


GLORY 74 XPRESS - FROM $399.95
dynastar glory 74

Perfect for new skiers, the Glory 74 is maneuverable and comfortable to ski.

DIMENSIONS: 99mm - 74mm - 118mm @ 156cm
AVAILABLE SIZES: 142cm, 149cm, 156cm, 163cm


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