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Vermont Eco Fitness SUP Tours

Vermont Eco Fitness SUP Tours

We get asked constantly where to stand up paddle board in Vermont from people all over the country. We love to share all the diverse and awesome places we sup sport in.

paddle boarding on the Connecticut river

The quality of Vermont's paddle boarding is amazing and the local Connecticut River is one of our super treasures. This is the location where we do the majority of paddling. Our launch spot is in Brattleboro, Vermont next to the Marina Restaurant in the lower West River. That spot easily feeds out to the bigger Ct. River for up or down current adventures.

paddling near the marina in brattleboro vermont

It is this reason that we have decided to start our ECO-FITNESS SUP tours for avid paddlers, where you'll receive world class coaching while experiencing the beauty Vermont has to offer.

The program requires you have to have your own 12’6” or preferably 14’ performance or race board and we'll supply everything else; guidance, coaching, lunch, video and picture sessions (who doesn’t need some cool insta shots!), and even a free VT COW SUP HAT.

paddle boards on the connecticut river

If you like to run, cross country ski, mountain bike, road bike, walk, hike, you'll love your workout on the water.

Many times we see otters, deer, rabbits, fish, peregrine falcons, eagles, and occasionally a moose during our excursions, which make them a great way to experience Vermont native wildlife. Occasionally we even get awesome boat wakes from the speeding bass boats to play on.

2019 nsp carolina on the connecticut river

After the tour, exploring downtown Brattleboro, Vermont which we many have called the  Brooklyn of Vermont, is full of shops and eateries.

Book your private session today and find out what the majestical and serene Connecticut River has to offer. If you're up to it, make your next vacation day a memorable day off exploring an epic spin class on the water. 

It's the love of a great workout on the water coupled with amazing wildlife and natural surroundings that earns our ★★★★★ rating!

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